As I mature, I’m learning to become more responsible, particularly with the choices I make. And shopping wisely is one of those choices. When I shop, aside from the price, I also consider the versatility of the fashion item I wish to purchase. For instance, when I saw the bomber jacket from the collaboration collection … Continue reading PINK BOMBER


Since I love wearing sweaters I’ve compiled my favorite quotes on sweaters. Here it goes: What was your favorite quote? That’s it! Regards, Joamar-John WHAT’S ON ME? Sweater (KENZOxH&M). Tailored Pants (H&M). Shoes (Nike). Location: Valenzuela, Phlilippines Photos Credits to @jdennisjjoamar CAMERA : CANON D70  


My skin is my body’s most sensitive part. I easily get allergies from food, weather, and so on. Since I figured out some easy ways to prevent my allergens, now, I have the time to fully take care of my skin --- especially my face. It may sound less manly to talk about skin products … Continue reading FACIAL CARE