Days flew quickly and now, the week is over and it’s already February. It’s my birthday month.

So, here’s a rundown of things I’m pretty much thankful for — this week.

1. I was able to celebrate and enjoy Chinese New Year with my friends and M.


2. I met one of M’s highly-respected Filipino writers, Danton Remoto. A stalwart in Philippine literary scene. He was super nice. He even signed his books for M and me.


3. Hla Yin Kyae, one of M’s students (and a good friend of mine), treated us for luch and dessert. It was her way of expressing gratitude.


4. I’m almost done conceptualizing the segments of OOTDMYANMAR’s online magazine. But I still need M’s second opinion.


5. We attended some events.

First, we attended Thun Shwe Hlyan’s birthday bash. Now, he’s 13. Definitely, a young man to admire! He’s one of our favorite Myanmar kid actors to work with. He’s cool and talented.

8.jpgThen, we were invited to Cho New’s beautiful wedding at Strand Hotel. I had the chance to dress up. Ha, ha, ha.9.jpg6. OOTDMYANMAR’s following reaches 70,000. =) 8 copy.jpg

Kisses and hugs!

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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