Oh my! This segment on my blog is super late — but it will be worth the delay, I promise! I have tons of grateful things to be thankful for the past 2 weeks. Things that may inspire you, hopefully.

Instead of thinking about the bad vibes, lets just start counting the blessings:

1.My sister was crowned Ms. Prim & Proper for her prom.B.jpgBy the way, I styled her online!

2. I had 3 successful photoshoots for the past 2 weeks. Since I can only shoot on Sundays I had two shooting stints in a day!1.jpg

3. We have a new batch of students for the year. Additional work means more productivity! 16804389_1266893083346053_5772492223576675403_o.jpg

4. We attended our collegue’s traditional wedding.Untitled-1.jpgWe had the chance to wear our new Myanmar outfits.

5. For the Valentines, we dined at Brunch Society.The food was great but — delayed. It was because of the occasion.thumb_IMG_7334_1024.jpg

6. We went to search for books but Dennis ended up scouting for his new DVDs.thumb_IMG_7556_1024.jpg

7. Every time Dennis agrees to have his check-up is a great thing for me. Luckily, his X-ray is normal. thumb_IMG_7728_1024.jpg

8. We went to Mawlamyaine for a new project. It was my first time to join in an ocular. It was a good thing for me. I had the chance to see, learn, and experience. =)thumb_PLZI6940_1024.jpg

9. After a month of hiatus, I finally launched OOTDMYANMAR e-ZINE. It was full of hardwork. I literally moved mountains! But now, I have to move on with the next issue and new shirt designs. =)Here is the link if you want to check it too. FREE MAGAZINEIMG_1546.jpg

10. I’ve read a book by Solen, called SOS. It’s such a good read! Now, I have additional recipes for our diet! Don’t eat less, eat right!IMG_7679 copy.jpg

11. Well, I just celebrated my birthday. I didn’t have a party because we were working on that day. And party isn’t my thing, lol! A simple dinner was enough for me to celebrate my birthday.IMG_0642.jpgLast night, while I was creating a new mood board I saw my notebook where I wrote my goals for the 2014-2106. I’m happy to say that most of them are getting checked.

It really takes time to fulfil your goals, sometimes you want to give up. Don’t! Savor moments of despair but because you will learn from it!

I cannot say that I’m super successful in life, but I am blessed to have God, my family, loved-one, friends and you(my reader/s) with me.



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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