March has been so kind to me. I have a lot ot things to be thankful and now its just few days before April. Before that month comes, I’ll be listing the things I’m thankful for the month.

1. My co-workers gave me a cake on my post- birthday. I really loved it!


2.I finally launched my online magazine! Here is the link: MARCH ISSUE (CLICK ME)1 Finall

3. Again, my sister aced her grades.17554645_120300002769210670_1499860789_n4. Dennis and I was able to see the Philippine President. We got a selfie and an autograph.17352111_10154171115281058_7704681790581377249_n17498648_1265133446856894_8022298122206424957_n

5. Prior to that, Dennis was interviewed by the media of the President. Because of his efforts as an overseas worker.IMG_6851 copy.jpg

6. After how many apartment searching we finally got a new apartment. Excited to move out!

7. We visited the light festival in Yangon — it was okay.


8. This might be embarrassing but I finally saw Beauty and the Beast. Since it was my first time to actually watch that film, I was really amazed! I had a lot of tears. I really loved it!17499725_10154190444926058_525797705_o.jpg

9. Our visa was approved recently and we are finally going to one of our dream destination.



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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