Some people often complain that time moves so slow. I think it does especially when you are doing nothing or doing what you don’t enjoy. Because when you are doing what you love — time moves so quickly.

After our inspiring trip in Japan, we didn’t have the opportunity to rest in Yangon. Our work was full blown. Because of that, we didn’t feel that April already went by. And May is already saying goodbye so fast.

While I savor the days of May I will be sharing the things I’m grateful for the week.

1. I finally had the chance to squeeze in some time to finally blog contents. Though it’s mostly personal and fashion — I will try to blog a travel post soon. =)t2

2. After a week, we still didn’t finish unpacking our stuff in our new apartment. However we are quite adjusting to new our place.1j

IMG_3382 copy.jpg

3. We didn’t catch up with our friends for a period of time because we were busy with our own vacation and work. It’s a good feeling to be reconnected with them again.3.jpg

4. We have accomplished 2 important events in office.2.jpg

5. My mom finally got our presents for her.sss.jpeg



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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