I’m sick but I’m recovering now. I was quite inactive on my social media for the past weeks.

Sorry, I had a lot of deadlines. Anyways, here are the things I’m grateful for May.

1. We finally visited Indonesia! Only 2 countries left before we complete our ASEAN tour. =)


2. E-zine May issue is up. I was quite happy with this issue. I had a lot of collaborations.


Here is the link MAY ISSUE

3. Again, I couldn’t complain. A lot of collaborations are popping out.

4. We finally opened the course Dennis is teaching. There were a lot of enrollees. It was twice of what we’ve expected.


Also, another class has graduated.


5. My sister graduated with honors. Proud of her.Untitled-1lp

6. We finally purchased some appliances. Our apartment is 60% ready.

IMG_4512 copy.jpg

7. I got new songs! Obsessed with Chainsmoker’s Paris.

Have a great days ahead!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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