As the months of 2017 are ending, a lot of challenges in my life kept on coming. Last month, Dennis was hospitalized. Then this month, my grandmother was hospitalized after their Golden Wedding Anniversary and — sadly passed away.

At times, I really don’t know how to motivate myself anymore. But as they say, always find the silver lining in your life. So here I am looking on the bright side and sharing to you the things I’m grateful for July.

  1. Dennis is finally recovering from his surgery. His vital signs are within normal, he finally went to the gym and lost some pounds.


  1. We found out a new and healthy restaurant, thanks to our dear friend Orlen. He introduced Healthy Me to us. Since Dennis has a lot of diet restrictions, this restaurant is our best option. Especially when we get so bored with what I cook. My favorites? Beetrot detox and broccoli burritos. Dennis? Beetroot wraps and beetroot shake.


  1. I had a colloaboration with one of our favorite Food courts in Myanmar. Food City in Myanmar Plaza to be exact.


  1. OOTDMYANMAR is 6,000 away to 100K followers.Yahoo! =) And a new issue is up =)


  1. We were able to take care of our friends’ dog — Chiwaks for 2 weeks. We really fell inlove with her. Since we were attached to her, it was a sad situation when we returned her to Jeff, the owner and our friend.


  1. Because of that incident (#5) we finally decided to buy a dog. Her name is Jade and I’ll be making a blog/vlog about her soon. We are totally inlove with her.


  1. I was happy that eventhough I wasn’t physicaly present to my grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary, I was able to help in some ways.


  1. Just after their golden wedding, my grandmother was rushed to the hospital. My grandmother, asked my mother to be with her in the hospital. I was really very happy that my mother was beside my gradmother on her last days.
  2. We had a lot of accomplisment from work. =)
  3. We renewed our contract for another year. So happy working in Forever Group! It’s our 6th year.

Sorry for the limited photos, my other phone was washed on the washing machine. =p



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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