Whenever I travel I always make sure to check the temperature of the places I go to. Because before whenI  travel, I just bring clothes I want to wear. And end up looking inappropriate. It’s not just that I look odd — I also feel uncomfortable wearing thick clothes in a sunny place. Ha, ha, ha.

So when we went to Indonesia few months ago and the temperature was quite sunny — I opted to layer thin muted outfits. Why layer? Because when I sweat too much, I’ll be able to remove my inner shirt and wear my button down.

Also, I always bring sunnies and a tote bag when we do the tours and walk around. Why? It’s a protection from the sun and to cover my eyebags ha, ha, ha. For the tote, I always tend to overshop — guilty face here!

IMG_6218 copy.jpg


IMG_6216 copy.jpg2.jpg

IMG_6291 copy.jpg

For you, what are your fashion travel tips?

That’s it!




Sunnies & Tote Bag (H&M). Button Down (THRIFT). Inner Shirt (JOAMAR-JOHN). Tailored trousers (UNIQLO). Sandals (CHATUCHAK MARJET).

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Photos Credits to @jdennisjjoamar


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