It’s already December and I’m so excited to go home and spend the holiday with my family. While I wait for the next 3 weeks, I’ll be sharing all the good things that happened to me last November.

Let’s begin:

  1. Went back to Singapore


IMG_5789 copyJ.jpg

Singapore was our first foreign trip. So after 5 years, we went back — the first time we went there we literally had nothing! But now, somehow we have money. So we just enjoyed Singapore without thinking about our budget. Besides, we also celebrated our pitong taon!

  1. Invited to shoot for Eleven Media

It’s been years since I last appeared on TV. This time, I was able to style for myself.

AIMG_5789 copy

You can watch the video here.


  1. Shopped for ERDEM x H&M.

Yup! I was literally in cloud 9 with all the pieces I got! Thanks M!


  1. Went to Hanoi unexpectedly.

We thought we will be going to Bali. However, something weird came up (which we only knew when we were in the airport!) and we ended up going to Hanoi. It was indeed an unexpected trip! But we truly enjoyed this experience! Special thanks to Ms. Nette & Ms. Beth.


  1. Attended Pope Francis’ mass.


  1. After the mass, we received a great news! Our documentary film won in a prestigious awards in the Philippines.


7. Another issue of OOTDMYANMAR is up at FREE E-ZINE

Special thanks to all the individuals who were part of this issue.23844918_762044313990527_9005164180840163213_n.jpg


That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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