It’s really difficult to sit down and write. However, when you recall the good moments that happened to you for the month, the writing is totally flawless.

April was totally a good month for me and Dennis. I could not think of a bad event last month. Everything was smooth sailing.

I hope you would be able to stick around up to the last word of this blog. Now, here are the things I’m thankful for April:

1. I had covered a lot of events for April.

a. Sein Nan Daw x Phyo Ko Fashion Show.


*Here is the video I made:

b. SK Jewels x Naw Phaw.


That’s me! Lol!


Here is the video I made:

*I will never get tired saying thank you to Ma Rose, for always giving me the opportunity to create videos.

c. MMDC’s Media Management Competition.


d. I also did a video for D&C Myanmar.


2. Before flying to Osaka, Dennis’ medical check-up turned out well!

IMG_3699.jpg3. The launch of my OOTDMYANMAR STORE tees was awesome. I sold at least 70 tees. It was tiring but it was fulfilling. By the way, I’m hands on — I put the tag, write notes and pack it all by myself.


4. Dennis’ script was choosen in one of the biggest theater festivals in the Philippines. They will be staging his script. Can’t wait to watch it in CCP this June.s.jpg5. After a year, we went back to Japan to have our Thingyan holiday. We stayed in Osaka, and toured around KANSAI area. Oh my, Japan is indeed beautiful I can’t wait to share our video and photos soon.1Z8A6781.jpg6. Dennis and I were able to meet a friend in Osaka — Amae. We met her in Yangon, now she works in Bangkok.

GOPR0408.jpg7. I was able to meet my schoolmate and friend, Janine in Kyoto. The last time we saw each other was college in 2012. We totally had a lot of stories.


8. 2 days before flying back to Yangon, I was messaged by Sai Thura (Dennis’ former student and now a PD in Forever Group) he asked me if I wanted to style for The Voice Myanmar. And it was the best message I got for April. I’m happy and humbled to share to you that I’m styling for the contestants and host of The Voice Myanmar Season 1.IMG_8935.jpg9. Again, my sister had honor in school. She never fails to surprise me. And I’m always proud of her!


10. Happy to say that another batch of students graduated in Dennis’ Taste of Scriptwriting Class! Congratulations TOS Batch 12.

April was totally a great month for us. How did was your April? So far, like April — May has been turning out well for me. I hope your April was great and your May would be awesome as you are!

That’s it!



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