I have a lot of posts that I would love to share. Travel posts from my recent trips in Vietnam, Japan, Inle and Bagan. I also have atleast 15 lookbooks hanging on. Sometimes, I feel that Instagram is just enough to share these experiences but yet again there is always a voice saying to continue my blog.

For the past months you have seen how I blogged almost everyday. It was really a challenge, like what I said I would rather create few contents that are properly curated than posting for the sake of posting. So while I’m not busy these days, I would grab the opportunity to organize my files and plan the contents on my blog.

So while I do that, here is one of my favorite looks in my Osaka trip. I wore a puffer vest that totally matched Tennoji Park.


You probably are wondering how Dennis and I manage how to get instagrammable photos on our trips. Well, here are our secrets:

  1. Go to the tourist places really early. It’s worth it!
  2. Know your angles. You can do a low angle just to cover the people at your back.
  3. Have a lot of patience. And remember to be picture ready all the time! Once the opportunity where there are no people — strike a pose!
  4. When there really lots of people — photoshop would do the trick.
  5. But when the photobombers are cute, why not include them right?


So what’s your trick in getting the perfect photo?

That’s it!




Cap & Tee(BANG).Puffer Vest (THRIFT). Pants (UNIQLO). Shoes (ITTI).

Location:Tennoji Park, Osaka

Photos Credits:J. Dennis


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