It’s already half of the year for 2018 and somehow I’m happy to say that I have accomplished a lot for 2018. I always seem to say this, but time does pass so fast for me. I guess because there are no dull moments for me. When one project closes another one begins.

Before I get so dramatic I would like to share to you the things I’m grateful for May.

  1. Styling for The Voice Myanmar.


This is definitely a milestone in my styling career.

P.S. I would make a separate blog post for this.

  1. Reconnected with a friend.


Despite the conflicts and differences, real friends remain.

  1. Bonded with my brother.

MAY2.jpgMAY3.jpgMAY4.jpgS1Z8A6691 2.jpg

I was happy that I was able to show Myanmar to my brother, Luigi. I also considered this moment a great bonding for us.

P.S. Super proud of him because this was his first solo trip abroad.

  1. Visited Bagan, Inle and Pindaya + hotel sponsor.

It’s great to be back in Bagan and Inle. And being in Pindaya for the first time was a check in our list.maY5.jpgIt was also our first travel collaboration with a Hotel, The Manor Lake Front Hotel. Special thanks to Ma. Anne.

If you are in Inle, I recommend this hotel. Link.

  1. Tee designs was a success.


I sold atleast 100 tees for my Burmese pride tee collection. Sleepless nights packing was totally worth it!

  1. New issue for OOTDMYANMAR.



  1. Enrolled in a class.


I’m currently studying Digital Marketing via Business of Fashion. I’m learning so much in this online-course. I can’t wait to reformat all my social medias after this class.

How was your May?

That’s it!



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