I always believe that fashion should be fun. It should be a way for you to feel confident and comfortable at the same time. As I tend to age, I always opt for comfort over style. So, I am skipping outfits that are too tight and fitted like skinny jeans and such. So most of the time, I just wear sneakers because it’s just so easy to move with.  Luckily, I have seen a brand that really suits my style — Design and Comfort Myanmar. This Singapore brand really lives up to her name.


I wore this look for a busy Sunday errand. We went to the church, voted in our Embassy, brought our poodles to the vet, and went to the park. Despite the heat in Yangon I really felt comfortable doing our errands.


By the way how do you like my look?




Polo (H&M). Shorts (JAPAN). Shoes (Design & Comfort Myanmar).

Location: Philippine Embassy, Yangon

Photos Credits:@jdennisjjoamar

Camera:Canon 5D Mark-IV

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